Angry Bird Transformers

After announcing back in July, Angry Bird Transformers was made available by Rovio for iOS on Wednesday and will arrive on 30 October for android. “Autobirds, roll out! Angry Birds Transformers is launched today in Apple App Stores around the world, with the Android version on Google Play to follow on October 30th,” states the Rovio blog post on Wednesday. The side-scrolling mobile game is very different from previous Angry Birds games, and features the popular Angry Bird characters running and using a range of different weapons hitting targets in the background including the pigs, buildings and more.

Angry Bird Transformers

The transformers characters in this games are inspired by the Transformer’s Autobots. The main Red Angry Bird is seen enacting the role of Optimus Prime, while the Yellow Bird (Chuck), Hal, Bubbles, Terrence take the role of Bumblebee, Grimlock, Jazz and Heatwave. Also, the Corporal Pig, Foreman Pig, King Pig, Chef Pig will feature as Galvatron, Lockdown, Megatron, and Soundwave/Starscream. Each character has its own special skill.You can check their specials skills on their dedicated website. This app sized about 94.5 MB and is compatible with devices running iOS 7 or later versions. The game also comes with in-app purchases. Download The app from here –>Angry Bird Transformers.


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