Rovio Takes on Candy Crush Saga With Jolly Jam

jelly jom

The game maker company Which once dominated the Android and IOS devices .i.e. Rovio, the Angry Bird game maker company launched its new game Jolly Jam. It’s a match-three puzzle game in the same mould as the current posterchild for the casual mobile games business, Candy Crush Saga.

It’s not a complete facsimile of the match-3 puzzle mechanics we’re all so familiar with. Rovio claims it has innovative game mechanics such as box-to-box gameplay, corner to corner colour matching, and power-up prizes. It’s developed by Magic Tavern and published via Rovio’s Rovio Stars publishing label.

“We’re proud to bring Jolly Jam in partnership with Magic Tavern to puzzle game fans worldwide!” said Wilhelm Taht, Head of External Products at Rovio. “Jolly Jam is a next generation puzzle game with a truly innovative gameplay mechanic and incredibly beautiful graphics.”

“Our ambition was to create a new game play mechanic that brings something new, fresh and really enjoyable to people who like pattern matching games. I believe we have achieved that” said Charlie Gu, CEO of Magic Tavern. “Through Rovio Stars, we can capitalize on a best in class distribution platform and unique developer tools that will allow us to reach millions of players around the world.”

You can download Jolly jam to your device now.Links are below –




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