New starred messages feature for WhatsApp




Recently WhatsApp has added new Starred messages feature for iOS users is now available to Android users. The new feature of WhatsApp lets user to star or bookmark any message,image,video or any other content which can be access quickly and easily.

The Latest version of WhatsApp v2.12.342 for android has added the new feature. Though the latest version is not available in Play store but it is available for download via the company’s website. Hopefully the company will rollout the latest update to Google Play as early as possible.  Earlier WhatsApp has added this new feature for iOS.

Screenshot Screenshot

User can bookmark or bookmark the app by tapping and holding the messaage or any media from the chats. All starred messages can be access via the starred messages tab. Once a message is starred, the star icon appears next to the message time.

The new feature will be useful for finding imp message without scrolling up for finding it through chats. All important content you can star and can access quickly through starred messages feature. The new feature is surely great feature for WhatsApp users.

Now we can wait for the update t rollout to Google play. Recently,WhatsApp for iPhone received an update that added the feature to the app allowing users running iOS 9.1 and above to quick reply via notification centre. The feature allowed users to reply to any notification that popped up on the device right from the Notification Centre without opening the app.


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